Exhibit a certificate in AWS.

By Darío Rivera
Posted On in AWS

On some occasions we have the need to expose a specific certificate on a domain for TLS connection with other servers. If you come from the development world, it may be a bit more complex to perform this configuration than if you wanted to do it on apache or nginx. In this post, you will see how to expose a certificate on AWS.

Certificate Manager

Through the certificate manager, the certificate in question must be imported. This involves entering both the private key, the certificate, and optionally the entire chain of certificates.

API Gateway

In API Gateway we must create a domain where we will place the certificate. It is enough that it is TLS 1.2 Regional. The ACM certificate must be selected and that's it.

An API mapping must also be configured exactly the same as the main domain.

Route 53

In Route 53, an A-type record must be created that points to the domain where the certificate is. The "Alias to API Gateway API" check must be selected, the respective region, and the option you must select will appear there.

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