Essential Sublime Text configurations after installation

By Darío Rivera
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A few months ago we posted the article 16 Sublime Text plugins you can't miss. However, there are some native Sublime configurations that will make our life easier. In this post we will see which ones I consider the most important.

The first thing you should do is open the settings in the Preferences > Settings menu. Sublime will open two files, the default settings and the user settings. We will put our custom configuration in the user settings.

Translate Tabs To Spaces

This configuration with the key translate_tabs_to_spaces is set to false by default, but I always change it to true because in PHP it is a good convention to use spaces instead of tabs (PSR). This configuration will create spaces (\s) instead of tabs (\t) when you press the Tab key.

Highlight Line

This configuration with the key highlight_line is set to false by default. When changed to true, it allows the current line where we are programming our code to be highlighted, which allows us to identify it much faster.

Trim Trailing White Space On Save

This configuration with the key trim_trailing_white_space_on_save is set to false by default. When changed to true, it removes any whitespace from the final lines of the file when saving.

Draw White Space

This configuration with the key draw_white_space is set to selection by default. When changed to all, it allows you to visualize whitespace anywhere in the code without the need for it to be selected. This is very useful because it can help you identify if you are combining tabs and spaces indiscriminately, and it also allows you to see those trailing spaces at the end of code lines.

Ensure Newline At EOF On Save

This configuration with the key ensure_newline_at_eof_on_save is set to false by default. When changed to true, it creates that blank line at the end of the file that can cause so many problems when saving changes to any file. If you program in PHP, you will also know that each class must end with this new line (PSR).

Default Line Ending

This configuration with the key default_line_ending is set to system by default. As a programmer, you must have discovered at some point that line endings are not the same in Windows as in Linux, for example. When you upload your changes to Git, you may also notice how these line endings change. Changing this configuration to unix may save you some headaches.

Show Encoding

This configuration with the key show_encoding is set to false by default. When changed to true, it allows you to see the file encoding in the lower bar of sublime text. This will allow you to quickly detect those files that are not in UTF-8.

Personally, some time ago I stopped using Sublime Text. However, in all the time I used it, I learned that these configurations made my work much easier. Do you know any other interesting Sublime Text configuration? See you soon!.

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